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Great book of kerry Collection

Great Book of Kerry series

In dark and distant centuries, an elite warrior band emerged from the turbulent waters of the great ocean on the Kerry coast, to claim their birthright, their Inis Fail, their Island of Destiny, their promised land, in fulfilment of an ancient prophecy. They were the Milesians, the founding fathers of the mighty Celtic Kingdom of Erin.

Now for the first time, this powerful epic historic story of a lost kingdom and its continuing generations, is lavishly recreated in a magnificently illustrated historic trilogy, contained within the pages of Leabhar Mór Chiarraí – The Great Book of Kerry, from the pen of the Kerry historian Seán Quinlan.

The promontory forts, ring forts, ogham stones, petroglyphs, stone circles, early Christian oratories, monastic sites, inscribed crosses and pillar stones, the high cross, blessed wells, cellúnachs, great cathedrals, the captains and the kings, the saints and the scholars, and the Viking invaders who came to kill, loot, and burn. Learn of our priceless treasures and our sacred manuscripts, legacies of a glorious heritage in a golden age

Kerry - the kingdom, the power & the glory

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